Modemuseum Hasselt
SuperBodies 04.02.2012


SUPERBODIES, the 3rd Hasselt triennial explores the fascination of many artists and designers for the way in which our body secretly moulds and shapes our experiences. This exhibition does not just re-present the body. It presents the body in all of its often half-conscious operations. A large, interactive ensemble of works from visual artists, choreographers and (fashion-) designers makes us see and feel the body as the source of our thoughts and emotions. Upcoming and internationally established artists and designers operate on the boundaries between disciplines to unravel the mysteries of the body. The whole of the city of Hasselt will qualify as a stage, but the main focus will be on larger venues such as the Cultural Center, the house for contemporary art Z33, the Fashion Museum, CIAP and the city Museum Het Stadsmus. Not to be missed!